PLUG SLIDING DOOR (Operating system)

Sliding plug doors using the Festo operating system may be used for all types of rolling stock urban transportation. Available in double leaf implementation, the clear width can reach values up to 1.800 mm for the double leaf doors and 900 mm for single leaf door. Thanks to a compact design the drives can be used in small installation spaces. For this reason, this system is also suitable for upgrading. The drive is controlled by a bus door controller and microprocessor control unit, with double solenoid valves and an end stroke cushioning valve to prevent slamming of the doors at the final range of closing.

SPECIFICATIONS (standard – other on request)

Door Dimensions Double leaf: Portal 1200mm to 1800mm
Temperature Range -30 Celcius –> +70 Celcius
Feed Voltage 24V DC +- 30%
Door Leaf Thickness Standard: 35mm

Door actuation with a push button on structure and at driver cab

Door Drive Control

Bus door 24V DC microprocessor-based control unit

The motion of the door is provided by one Festo double acting air cylinder, the linear movement is transferred via a cam plate that pushes the door panels out equally 60mm. At the same time, the cam plate operates drive levers on the mechanism plate that rotates side pillar tubes. These pillar tubes rotate links at the bottom of the pillar tube that support roller bearings. Door brackets are carried by linear eccentric ball bearings. This supports the full door weight. As the main cam plate extends it then engages the cam follower into the sliding track carrier bracket. This carrier then continues in one motion sliding the door down the side of the vehicle. The bottom link acts as a guide at the door bottom.

In an emergency, a release valve is provided so that the doors can be opened manually. Safety edges can be lifted to re-open the closing door if obstructed.

Key Points:-

  1. Single cylinder operates the plug motion and sliding motion
  2. Easy to install
  3. Easy to understand
  4. Simple maintenance is required
  5. Minimum training required for door operation

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